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  • Newly added onsite blog and resources page.

    We hope that you enjoy our new pages. We were able to migrate the primary content from our wordpress blog to our new online store and have added a resources page. We plan to add much more to these new pages in the near future. Concerning the resource page – if you are an Orthodox […]
  • Wisdom from the Fathers of the Orthodox Church, part 3

  • Wisdom from the Fathers of the Orthodox Church, part 2

  • Wisdom from the Fathers of the Orthodox Church, part 1

  • The Life of St. Seraphima (Sulimova) the New Martyr, Abbess of Therapontov Convent

    The Life of St. Seraphim (Sulimova) the New Martyr Elizabeth Nikolaevna was born in 1859 in the town of Ustyuzhne in the Cherepovets district of the Novgorod province to Nikolai and Olga Sulimov. Elizabeth was the youngest of six children: Alexy, Tatiana, Natalia, Paraskeva, Eugene, and Elizabeth. The children were educated by their God-loving parents […]
  • A new customer review of an Orthodox Christian Supply icon.

    “Silouan’s icons are the real deal. Short of actually commissioning a hand-painted icon for many, many times the price, the icons from OCS are far and away the highest quality icons I have encountered. The workmanship and attention to detail are second to none, and the icons possess a bespoke, handmade quality that I have […]
  • Major website “remodel” from Orthdox Christian Supply

    We have been working long hours in the evening to update our website.  To this end, we are changing out all the panel style photos to the newer version and writing new material for each specific icon.  We have also removed many of the testimonials from our home page to help with “clutter” issues and […]
  • About our Icon Panel Styles

    The Traditional Panel Icon Our signature product, the traditional panel mounted icons, are made with the utmost care.  We begin with carefully selected 4/4 solid poplar.  Then we route dovetailed keyways through the reverse and insert the red oak splines.  This process is to keep the panel from warping over time, the same process as […]
  • Celtic Saints by Aidan Hart added to the website today.

    visit us online for our full image collection www.OrthodoxChristianSupply.com We are very pleased to announce that Aidan Hart has allowed us the use of his Celtic Saints collection.  These icons are now avalible as mounted icon options on both of our panel styles. Mr. Hart lives in the United Kingdom and works prolifically as an […]
  • A New Review

    “I received this beautiful portrait of St John of Kronstadt and I could not be more pleased. The finish is very nice and the colors are brilliant. Overall, a finely crafted product. I will be ordering more icons.”  Michael Thank you Michael for your kindness – we are pleased that you are pleased!  Slava Bogu! […]
  • New spline design, better and improved

    visit us online for our product catalog www.OrthodoxChristianSupply.com We have changed our spline design on the traditional panels and the painting on the sides of our classic panel icons. Currently we are in the process of updating the new product photos to the website. These changes were natural developments in our product progression and we […]
  • Review of the Week

    “Five stars is not enough to describe the absolute perfication and beauty of this holy icon. I will definitely be ordering more holy icons from orthodox Christian supply. Thank you beyond words.” P. Ross visit us online at www.OrthodoxChristianSupply.com


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