"Your icons arrived today and are magnificent!  In fact your icons are by far the finest I have ever purchased.  You clearly spend a lot of time selecting quality images, and the care and attention with which you then reproduce them is striking.  Add to that the extraordinary level of craftsmanship that you bring to building the panels and perfecting the mountings, and in total, you've produced icons that truly feel alive with presence.  In my opinion these are the finest icons on the market."  David D.  


    "By far, the best quality icons available.  Fine canvas, vivid ink and top quality wood.  After blessing, our priest wrote down the website.  When you impress someone who sees hundreds of icons...you know you are doing something right.  Many thanks!!"  Matthew


    "This is my first purchase from this company and i can say without reservation this is the finest icon I have!  The craftsmanship is exquisite, the construction, the colors, I am so glad to have found your company.  You have a customer for life!  John D.

    "The craftsmanship is superb and reflects a labor of love.  The printing is the closest to actual painting that I have ever seen on a printed icon.  Last, but not least, the price is truly an exceptional value.  I have paid more for a comparable icon from a well-known company that cannot compare to the craftsmanship exhibited in the icon I received from Orthodox Christian Supply.  Thank you for offering such lovely icons at a reasonable price."  Christopher M.

    "I have been blessed with many icons from many different places, but this was my first Traditional Panel Icon.  First, the care with which the icon was packaged spoke volumes to just how much Silouan and his family care about their customers. The quality of the icon in both terms of the image, the panel, and the actual mounting is unsurpassed in any mounted icon I have ever seen.  From the quality of the selected poplar for the panel and the red oak for the splines to the fit and finish of both the wood as well as the rich canvas printed image...to the protective seal which is invisible to my eye - this is ment to be a family heirloom that can (and will) be passed down to my children, grandchildren, and their children.  Oh, the cost...I cannot fathom how it is possible to producte such a beautiful and master-crafted icon at this price...absolutely incredible!  If you have been wondering if you should get a Traditional Panel Icon from Orthodox Christian Supply, I can assure you that you will be overjoyed when you receive it!"
Matthew A.

    "I have many excellent icons at my home, but without a doubt this icon that I purchased is the finest of all.  The cost is the same as you will pay elsewhere, but the quality and standard of workmanship is the best I have encountered.  It is truly a fine example of  high craftsmanship."  Oliver G.

    "This was my first purchase from OCS, it will  not be my last.  The icon craftsmanship was perfect.  The quality of the traditional panel is the nicest icon that I have.  A beautiful offering of this particular icon indeed.  I can tell that real attention was paid to the final result.  Highly recommended."  Michael K.

    "I purchased this icon and it is beautiful!  I was so pleased to find beautiful icons of St. Maria of Radonezh as she is my patron saint.  I am so thankful for the great customer service we received and for the large selection of different icons.  We will be ordering again!"  Callie N.

    "My wife and I have patron saints that are harder to find in iconography.  We purchased icons and were very pleased with the quality, craftsmanship and beauty at prices we could afford.  We will be ordering from OCS again."  Benjamin N.

    "My icon was beautiful and solidly built.  I really mean quality...not  junk.  They even included hardware in case I want to hang the icon on the wall.  The only problem now is which icon should I buy next?  I am definitely going to be a repeat customer."  Vollie S.

    "Many of us do not have the funds to buy or commission hand painted icons so must turn to mounted prints.  There are none better than what you find here.  The woodwork is well crafted, art in itself.  The icon was well printed, clear and brightly colored on a canvas, not paper base.  I purchased this for a gift and I must say that it is something I can give without the least embarrassment."  John B.

    "I've collected a number of icons over the years, and this icon is arguably the most beautiful I own. The quality is outstanding! Thank you for providing gorgeous icons for our eyes and soul." - Siseos

    "I bought this as a Christmas gift for my dad. He absolutely loved it. Even the priest commented on the quality of the icon. Great service. Excellent quality. Shipping is right on time. I definitely recommend anyone who is looking for great traditional beauty and work." - Christina L.

    "The Crucifixion with Feast Days and Subjects is a very well done piece. It will be the center piece of an icon corner in our living room. I will be looking to you as a primary source of icons in the future. Thank you." - Charles H.

    "We had a wonderful experience with our order being very promptly filled and shipped. And all the icons were of a wonderful quality and very well made." - David M.

    "I couldn't be more thoroughly pleased with the quality, craftsmanship and beauty of my new Patron Saint icon." - Brian R.

    "We ordered two of these (folding analogion) for our church (St. Michael's Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Woonsocket, RI). Everyone (to include me) loves them. I also enjoyed working with Orthodox Christian Supply. Great service, quality, and price. Thank you!" - Fr. P.

   "Solid work. The wood is heavy and the colors on the canvas are bright. I contacted Silouan about helping identify a few of the saints and he responded quickly. I would recommend his work without hesitation." - Hector M.

    "I ordered a custom kiot for a full set of print festal icons. The kiot we received is beautiful (just like in the pictures). The shipping was fantastic, with the kiot well-protected in a small wooden crate. I have already recommend the Orthodox Christian Supply kiots to others. Well done (glory to God)!" - Fr. P.

    "The icons you sent are anything but run-of-the-mill.  There beyond totally awesome...I can only conclude that if I were to examine your work under a scanning electron microscope, I'd find infinite perfection down to the molecular level." - Steven K.

    "Today I received the second icon I ordered from Orthodox Christian Supply.  I am very much immersed by the quality of the craftsmanship and the generosity and attentiveness of the service." - John B.

    "I've purchased from this specific store three or four times now, and I'm truly convinced that if you want quality icon mounts that actually rival hand painted icons, OCS is the place for you to go.  I cannot recommend this place enough!" - Ephriam B.

    "As soon as you pick this icon up you can tell that you are experiencing something unusual in the American icon reproduction world as the weight of the thing is unlike an other reproduction icon I have ever held in my hands.  The woodwork is exquisite.  Given the affordability to quality ratio here, I can't recommend Orthodox Christian Supply icons highly enough."  Owen W.

    "I will definitely recommend OCS to those I know who are serious about craftsmanship in their icons.  The amount of variety on their site, let alone the pace with which new selections are added leaves them in a class above."  Evan L.
    "I will definitely purchase more icons from Orthodox Christian Supply.  Great quality icons that will last for many  generations!" Justin W.

    "I purchased one of your icons of Christ "Fiery Eye" with the traditional panel and it is amongst the best icons I have ever purchased.  I frequently recommend you guys whenever friends are looking for good icons." Kyle S.

    "This is a well-made icon; the traditional panel is amazing and adds to the overall aesthetic.  I highly recommend Orthodox Christian Supply; it is my preferred site for purchasing icons." Michael H. 


    "This (icon corner shelf) is not only well crafted and breathtaking, but prayerfully designed. It is a welcomed tradtional Russian Orthodox piece that will enhance the lives of Orthodox Christians in the West.  We are certainly grateful!" Seraphim


    "Bought this beautiful icon in the largest traditional panel size.  The gold tones of the print really 'pop', such that the icon changes 'personality' from different angels and under different lighting conditions.  Highly Recommended."  Mike B.


    "This is an amazing and stunning icon!!  Beautiful craftsmanship and you can tell they set high standards for thier work...  very caring and devoted too.  I ordered 3 others that are equally beautiful and stunning!  It is an honor to be able to place them in my home!  May God continue to bless Orthodox Christian Supply for many many years.  I won't shop any other company for icons... extremely high quality and they are kind enough to make them affordable to others."  Patricia G.


    "An absolutely beautiful icon of one of the greatest saints in the ancient faith.  This icon stands out among  my other icons and it is  an excellent testament to the fine work done by Orthodox Christian Supply." Stephen


    "I am thrilled with the craftsmanship and quality of my icons.  You can really tell that it was made with extreme care.  Thank you Orthodox Christian Supply - i will definitely order from you again."  Taylor J.


    "Five stars is not enough to describe the absolute perfection and beauty of this holy icon.  I will definitely be ordering more icons from Orthodox Christian Supply.  Thank you beyond words."  P. Ross


    "This company is so wonderful.  I have looked all over the place for St. Longinus by the Cross.  Believe it or not, they have two choices for St. Longinus and two for St. Artemy of Verkola.  Thier work is superb.  Support this company."  Gregory V.


    "This is quality work.  We were looking into having an iconographer do original work, but the price was prohibitive.  So we found Orthodox Christian Supply and watched the video of the process of making an icon.  We couldn't be more pleased with the quality of the work."  Richard B.


    "The workmanship and care that went into it (the icon) shows a respect for the subject, Christ himself."  Janet


    "The colors are harmonious, and even the animals are endearing.  OCS's reproduction is solid and clearly made to last.  I've experienced no fading or bleeding of colors as happens with some lamination methods.  This would make a wonderful gift to an Orthodox home or church."  Aleksander


    "This is my 6th icon from Orthodox Christian Supply.  The Transfiguration is just as beautiful as all the others and the craftsmanship is beyond compare!  Thank you so much for the care and prayer that you put into makeing these holy icons!  I have more on my list to order." Patricia G.


    "I've bought this icon as a gift twice, once in each type icon, traditional and classic.  The quality is very good.  It is much cheaper than a hand-painted icon, but the colors are rich and not shiny like a sticker - as is the case with many mass-produced icons."  Methodius


    "This is the second icon I have ordered from Orthodox Christian Supply and, as is stated throughout the reviews on the site, the craftsmanship and beauty of the icon is above reproach.  Cannot recommend enough."  Matthew


    "This icon is beautiful and a blessing to have in our home.  The quality of its assembly is superior and I love the traditional panel construction.  While it is a printed product the quality is such that it almost appears to be a painted icon until you get up close."  A. W.


    "I gave this icon to my church where it has a special place of honor and helps all who see it.  It is extremely well made, and the service I received from Orthodox Christian Supply was exceptional." Stava B.


    "I ordered these wooden processional fans for a small Orthodox chapel in my area.  I wanted something simple, yet beautiful.  I was extrememly pleased when they arrived.  The craftsmanship and attention to detail was quite beautiful, and these fans have added greatly to any liturgical ceremony.  I would highly recommend them for any church and our parish will treasure them always."  Tom W.


    "The icon of Abba Makarios I received is not only beautiful, but made from high quality material.  As an object of veneration and love, an icon should last for generations and the craftsmanship of my icon from Orthodox Christian Supply ensures that this icon will be used and revered for many generations."  Justin W.


    "This is one of the most beautiful icons I have ever purchased.  Absolutely superb." Sub-Deacon V.


    "This is the third icon I have bought from this company.  The craftsmanship and quality of materials is great.  The customer service is wonderful.  He has some hard to find icons.  The colors are vibrant with crisp detail of the small scenes around the icon.  The packaging fully protected the piece in shipment."  Betty K.


    "Exceptional quality icon.  Colors are beautiful and intense.  Our new favorite icon retailer!"  Wendy M.


    "The picture (online) doesn't do justice compared to what i recieved.  Many have commented on what a lovely icon this is.  Silouan provides excellent customer service, both in communication and shipping (icon was well-wrapped; I can't imagine typical shipping to do any damage to his work).  I regularly suggest Orthodox Christian Supply when folks are in search of uinque examples in iconography with the added benefit of quality mounting.  Thank you!"  Mikael


    "I received an icon of St. Makarios the Great and was pleasantly suprised with all the little details that were put together in making this beautiful icon!  Thank you, I am very happy with my order!"  Elena C.

    "This is the 3rd icon I've purchased here, and again the beauty and the craftsmanship is amazing! One of my favorite images of the Virgin. These will definitely be an heirloom that will be passed along the family for years to come."  John D.

    "I am a repeat customer. I purchased this icon on the occasion of my wife's baptism into the Orthodox Church. As expected, the wood construction is very sturdy. The print's colors are bright. This is a very joyful example of the Joy all who Sorrow! Customer service is excellent. Silouan answers the phone! My wife loves this icon. Thank you again for your work."  Mikael M.

    "The icons made here are excellent quality, definitely much care has been put into each one. I like that this one I purchased has a look, like it was painted. Really very exceptional! You will have a repeat customer for years!" John

    "Beautiful work - perfection! Though photography based (and therefore affordable), Brother Silouan's icon productions show the same care in making as the work of the best icon painters."  Johan S.

    "Total dedication to quality. We could not be more pleased with how the icon turned out and the level of customer service!" Matthew


    "I just received this icon and am quite satisfied with the quality of the woodworking on the traditional panel and the vibrant colors and clarity of the printed image.  I'm sure it will be an inspitation for years to come for myself and as an heirloom for those in the future.  An added benefit is dealing with Silouan who truly believes in this product and is a joy to deal with."  Joel


    "The first set of icons that arrived were beautiful & of a stunning quality.  When I took them to church to be blessed my priest asked for the website where I'd found them.  They are far & away the nicest I have.  & your selection is just wonderful." Timothy S.


"The details in this icon prompted us to purchase the 16" size... and we are delighted that we did. It is a particularly beautiful piece... and very thought provoking. The theme is difficult to find and this icon is exceptionally well done. The superb craftsmanship of the the traditional panel is the best we have found. We purchased a number of these wonderful icons for a hospice in Hawaii and they are by far the most beautiful and reasonably priced icons on the market... and we have been looking for years. We highly recommend this unique icon." Trip & Jan


"Silouan's icons are the real deal. Short of actually commissioning a hand-painted icon for many, many times the price, the icons from OCS are far and away the highest quality icons I have encountered. The workmanship and attention to detail are second to none, and the icons possess a bespoke, handmade quality that I have not seen any other shop replicate. The icons feel (and smell!) like they literally just came out of your grandfather's woodshop. They are truly special and something to cherish."  Ben L.


"I purchased this icon a few months ago and would like to comment on how beautiful it is. The craftsmanship is wonderful and the icon itself is inspiring. "  Louis


"I received this beautiful portrait of St John of Kronstadt and I could not be more pleased. The finish is very nice and the colors are brilliant. Overall, a finely crafted product. I will be ordering more icons."  Michael


"Silouan is an achieved artist, the version he selected for me (from the hundreds of versions made along the centuries) of the icon of the Mother of God "Unexpected Joy" is exquisite and the execution of the icon itself is pure perfection. I am extremely happy and a very satisfied customer who promises to be back for more icon orders."  Lucretia M.


Thanks a lot. I am a Priest of an Orthodox Mission and I have bought many icons. I must say that none have compared to the quality of those at Orthodox Christian Supply. Thank you for your service to the Orthodox Church and the Kingdom of God. I really appreciate your business/ministry and only wish I had found you earlier. God bless and keep you.  Fr. P.


The icons are gorgeous. Fantastic. They will help me immensely in my spiritual life. Maris W.


I purchased the Icon of The Royal Martyrs of Russia. It came securely and safely packaged. It is now hanging on my wall. It is a beautiful icon! Thanks to the Orthodox Christian Supply! Donald C.


Thank you for the beautiful icons and fantastic customer service! I ordered two relatively rare icons for my son's Birthday. I was short on time, but Silouan quickly responded to my request and graciously agreed to speed up the process as much as possible. The icons arrived in a speedy manner, perfectly packed and beautiful. If you look for a classic feel and solid woodwork, this is your place. I'm very grateful. Blessings!  Yuliya G.


This icon was beautifully done, I couldnt be more pleased. Its so nice to see icons being made with quality in mind rather than expediency.  Whitney D.


Very well done. Excellent workmanship and fast shipping. Quality really shines in these icons.  Ginger K.

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