Major website “remodel” from Orthdox Christian Supply

We have been working long hours in the evening to update our website.  To this end, we are changing out all the panel style photos to the newer version and writing new material for each specific icon.  We have also removed many of the testimonials from our home page to help with “clutter” issues and created a separate page for testimonials.  One of the most important reasons we choose to make this new page is that we have received too many reviews to list on the front page, literally we ran out of room.

We have also upgraded our blog page to an “add free” version and plan work more extensively in this platform.  If you have suggestions of topics that you would like to see us write about, please let us know!

There is, in addition, one big surprise to come!  I am not going to reveal anything at this time, but stay tuned – we think everyone is going to be very pleased with the outcome of this update!

Keep us in your prayers, we have our work cut out of us!  Any suggestions that you have for Orthodox Christian Supply, just send us an email.

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in XC, silouan campbell



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