Christ Enthroned
Christ Enthroned

Christ Enthroned

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Original antique icon of Christ Enthroned

This icon of Christ Enthroned was painted in the 19th century.  Both splines are still in place and there is minimal curvature effecting the panel.  The background paint has been removed down to the gesso grounds and the halo and orthography have been repainted.  The remainder of the icon is original and, though being painted in the 19th c., represents the best of early 17th century iconographic style.  This is an overwhelmingly beautiful image of the Savior illustrating the best of classic Russian iconography.  The size of the panel is slightly larger than usual and would be quite a beautiful center piece to any icon corner or lovely as an analogion icon.

Sized at 15 3/4" x 13" x 1"




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