Working Hard on Website Updates

Glory to God, we have been working hard on a total overhaul of our website.  Our new features will include:

1.  A remake of our furniture portfolio with many new items added.  This section will now include additional images and a brief history on the project build.

2.  We are currently in the process of updating our entire icon catalog!  The new and revised catalog will now feature photos of the backs of our Traditional Panel icons (the new version) as well as more information on this particular style of icon.  Furthermore, each individual subject will now include a description of the image.  Follow the link here for an example.

3.  We also want to note that we are discontinuing the “Classic Panel” option for icons.  We can still do these on an individual basis, but, basically, they really do not fit into the theme of our product offerings.

There are many more website projects to come!  We would love to hear feedback from our supporters and customers and will be well pleased to take into account your suggestions for further website development.

And, again, thank you to everyone – for your prayers, support and generous kindness in words.  From our perspective, this is more valuable to us than sales.

in XC, silouan campbell, owner and founder of Orthodox Christian Supply

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