Help Establish Orthodox Christian Supply in Russia!!

As many of you are aware the owner of Orthodox Christian Supply, Silouan Campbell, has relocated to Russia with his daughters as of last July.  The production of all our reproduction icons has been transferred to the very capable hands of my brother, Fr. John Campbell - rector of Christ the Savior parish (Wayne WV) and owner of the well known icon production company Damascene Gallery.  

It has been my dream for many years to return to Russia and establish the business here.  To this end, we have been working hard for the past six months to "get things off the ground" - often a real challenge in Russia!  By God's mercy and with the blessing of Hegumen Panteliemon of St. Daniel monastery in Pereslavl-Zalessky, Orthodox Christian Supply has found a new home!  Slava Bogu!  


photos of St. Daniel Monastery in Pereslavl

Our company is presently in the process of completing renovation of the new wood shop and hope to be tooling up soon.  After six long months it truly feels like a Nativity gift for all this to finally be happening.


photos of the new wood shop under construction

The cost, however, has proven to be far more extensive than we projected.  Lord have mercy.  We are presently looking at close to $25,000 just in equipment cost and we have been without a salary for half a year.  It is for this reason that we have chosen to add a tipping option on the purchase of our icons.  If you can help, we would be very grateful!  We have come so far in realizing this dream and, with God's help, we plan to do all we can to see it through.  Any tip that you may be able to add goes directly to helping establish Orthodox Christian Supply in the heart of Russia's Golden Ring, in Pereslavl-Zalessky.

Please keep us in your prayers!  It is just me and my three daughters here - it is a lot of work and many struggles, but we are happy and hope to one day soon be stabalized in Russia, working again, and bearing the fruit of bringing a higher quality reproduction icon to the Russian people.  




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