Another Orthodox Christian Supply review

“I have been blessed with many icons from many different places, but this was my first Traditional Panel Icon. First, the care with which the icon was packaged spoke volumes to just how much Silouan and his family care about their customers. The quality of the icon in both terms of the image, the panel, and the actual mounting is unsurpassed in any mounted icon I have ever seen. From the quality of the selected poplar for the panel and the red oak for the splines to the fit and finish of both the wood as well as the rich canvas printed image…to the protective seal which is invisible to my eye – this is ment to be a family heirloom that can (and will) be passed down to my children, grandchildren, and their children. Oh, the cost…I cannot fathom how it is possible to producte such a beautiful and master-crafted icon at this price…absolutely incredible! If you have been wondering if you should get a Traditional Panel Icon from Orthodox Christian Supply, I can assure you that you will be overjoyed when you receive it!”
Matthew A.


thank you Matthew!!

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