Russian Cross
Russian Cross

Russian Cross

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Authentic antique metal icon of the Holy Cross

Icon of the Holy Cross depicting the Savior crucified.  This is an unusual variant which also depicts four of  the twelve Great Feasts of the Eastern Orthodox Church and one additional scene.  From left to right: Presentation of the Lord, Entry into Jerusalem, Resurrection, Ascension, The Holy Trinity.  The top of the Cross itself hold four Seraphim and the bottom (left to right) are shown Mary Magdalene, The Mother of God, St. John the Evangelist, and St. Longinus the Centurian. The Savior is crucified over the bones of Adam and above the Savior are cast two angels, The Holy Spirit (Dove) and the Father blessing.  This particular Cross is rather striking and in very good condition.  Russian, 19th century.

Sized at 8 3/8" x 4 1/4"




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