Holy Prophet Zephaniah
Holy Prophet Zephaniah

Holy Prophet Zephaniah

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Original antique icon of the Holy Prophet Zephaniah (most likely)


This icon has been a little bit of a mystery as the orthography (name inscription) was too faint to read and I cannot make out the Slavonic text on the scroll.  I have reached out to many people in determining the exact depiction and the result is that it is most likely the Prophet Zephaniah.  The icon itself is very nice, beautiful green tones and the panel is with a double kovcheg.  The style of painting points to the 18th century and the panel construction itself also leads me to place the date c. 1750.  My guess is that this was at one time part of a folding iconostasis and is one top portion that has been separated. The panel itself is cut in the form of the "cherubic arch", very classic Russian style, and there as been velvet added to the back and sides (probably done when separated from the original panel).  There has been some restoration to this icon, some early restoration as well as some work done myself.  Early restoration is evident in the lettering on the scroll and I have removed the center background (which was overly dark) and repainted.  The icon has also been cleaned and varnished.

5 3/4" x 4" x 3/8"




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